Risk free When you think about hair plugs Transplants in Turkey

hair plugs Transplants in Turkey When you think about hair plugs , you probably immediately imagine a man with an unnatural and corn crop like hair implantation done.

This is not true today though, as the art and science of hair transplantation has evolved into a great and permanent way to deal with hair loss,

all with a natural look and feel of the implanted hair plug grafts, done by experienced cosmetic surgeons

What are hair plugs ?

Ever since the 1950’s, cosmetic surgeons have been working on resolving the issues with male and female balding and hair loss.
The first hair transplant surgeries back in the 50’s were performed by using rather large grafts of hair follicles from another part of the person’s head and were “plugged” onto the scalp, thus the term hair plugs.
During the early years of hair transplants, the hair plug treatment was not as successful in hiding the problematic area of hair loss,
because the grafts used were quite large, and when implanted on the scalp had quite an unrealistic and as some call it “doll hair” look.
Thankfully, through the years, the hair transplant methods have improved vastly.
guaranteed hair transplants turkey
Today, much smaller hair plugs of follicles from another part of the head are used,
and in some cases even one to three hair follicles are implanted on the balding area via micrograph follicular unit extraction hair transplants.
Hair plugs are often used for treating patients suffering from male-pattern baldness, which is a common hair loss condition.
During this hair transplant procedure, hair plugs are transplanted to the crown of the head, or by the hairline.
Hair implants are also used for restoring facial hair – such as beard hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes as well.
The modern cosmetic surgeons use much smaller hair plugs, often containing only one to three follicles, in order to give the transplanted area a more natural and aesthetic look,
and to allow for renewal of hair growth in the area treated.
The types of techniques for implanting hair plugs vary in accordance to the size of the grafts used during the hair transplant surgery, including:
  • Micro grafts, where a single or two hairs are transplanted to the balding area at a time. This technique can include transplantation of about 700 hair plugs per session.
  • Mini-grafts are hair transplants, where two to four hair follicles are transplanted at a time.
  • Slit graft is a hair transplant technique, where plugs of four to ten hairs are inserted in an incision made by the surgeon.
  • Punch grafts  are round hair plugs with 10-15 hair follicles
  • Strip grafts are long and narrow strips, including 30-40 hair follicles, which are implanted at the same
  • time. Up to 50 strips may be implanted during one session of hair transplant surgery.
It is crucial to do your research thoroughly, and contact reputable hair transplant surgeons,
in order to find the best hair loss solution for your specific case and to make the best choice of clinic and surgeon when getting hair plugs.

hair plugs Transplants in Turkey

Can Hair Transplants Really Use Follicles From the Legs?

In 2012, the New York Times published an article called A New Approach to Treating Hair Loss.

It was reported that leg follicles are now being utilized for hairline detail.

Many people would immediately ask why this would be done.

Natural hairlines tend to have soft edges. This is created by finer hairs that grow in the very front.

In order to create the most realistic looking results possible, it would be important to replicate this detail.

Doing so would require the selection of follicles that produce thin hair.

The leg produces hair caliber that is appropriate for the hairline edge.

Do Leg Follicles Last?

When extracting hair follicles from the legs or anywhere else, it is important to handle them carefully.

These grafts are subject to damage from instruments, air drying and improper storage conditions.

However, an experienced surgeon will know how to ensure the safety of these grafts. And when inserted, the leg hair can certainly last long term.

How Can The Hair Grafts Be Damaged?

There are some incidents where the surgeon makes a mistake during one of the steps of the hair transplant, which could cause permanent damage to the hair follicles.

One of the common mistakes that are made is improper storage condition once the hair follicles have been harvested from the donor area.

Hair follicles are tiny organs, as mentioned above, therefore they are extremely fragile.

If one step of the process goes wrong, it could lead to the hair follicles not thriving properly in the newly recipient area.

Once the hair follicles have been extracted they must be placed in a cool temperature. Warmer temperatures can lead to their desiccation.

Skill Is The Determining Factor

One of the reasons it is highly advisable to search for a top surgeon is to select a body hair transplant surgeon who has achieved impeccable results. Skill is everything.

If the surgeon lacks skill and creativity, it could jeopardize the hair transplant.Best hair transplantation turkey

A surgeon may successfully extract the hair follicles from the donor sites, but what about properly implanting them.

Poor insertions will reflect the final outcome, and the patient’s look.

Poorly angled grafts will look awkward and unnatural.

That is why the patient must look at before and after photos to determine the surgeon’s level of skill.

Every doctor will differ in how ell they can create insertion slits to replicate real hair growth patterns.

A well -experienced surgeon is capable of successfully achieving a desired outcome.

Eyebrow Restoration With Body Hair Follicles

Many unforgettable faces are characterized by having full and prominent looking eyebrows. Celebrity examples often include:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Robert Pattison
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Kiera Knighly
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Brook Shields

In order to achieve well shaped brows, many people will settle for the use of tattoos or cosmetics. However, this does not compare to having real hair growth.

The surgical punches used in body hair transplant surgery can also be used to extract nape hair or even leg hair, if the thickness and available quantities are suitable for the brows.

Between the two, leg hair is a more suitable match for the eyebrows.

Eyebrow restoration surgery is in demand by both males and females. However, this may be of higher interest for women, especially the one’s who want brows like Kim Kardashian.Best hair transplant in turkey

Leg hair that is comparable to brow hair may not be available in many women.

Therefore, it is likely that nape hair will be used instead.

An eyebrow transplant does not only serve an aesthetic purpose. It also serves those who may have endured an accident, or burn that has caused depletion of their eyebrow hair.

For some women, hormonal changes and aging are factors that can lead to women suffering from eyebrow hair loss.

How An Eyebrow Transplant Is Performed

An eyebrow transplant is performed using the FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction technique that allows for micropunches to be made to the donor site to harvest hair follicles.

The hair follicles are harvested individually, one at a time.

Typically, 50 to 325 hair follicles are moved into the brow. It depends on the patient’s request of fullness.

The hairs must be perfectly placed into tiny incisions that are at just the right angle and direction to mimic natural growth.

Since an eyebrow transplant uses the FUE technique, it is minimally invasive with no stitches or staples used to either the donor or recipient area.

There is a quick recovery time, too.

What To Expect After An Eyebrow Transplant

The patient should expect to see the final results starting at around four months after the procedure. It depends on the individual. The yield will continue to improve even at ten months.

After the transplant has been completed the patient should expect the existing hair follicles to fall out as the new hair follicles are making their way through. It is nothing to be concerned about. It is part of the healing process.


Low level lasers energize the tissues since light is a form of energy.

For example, laser light on the scalp and hair follicles provides high levels of light which are used by the cells in the scalp and hair to assist in the normal clinical process performed by those cells.

This is referred to as “Photo-biostimulation”.

The process of photo-biostimulation is similar to the process of photosynthesis, whereby plants convert energy to chemical forms of energy, for food and growth.Hair Transplant turkey

In a similar way, laser penetrates into soft tissue and increases the action of Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP,

a molecule that is a major carrier of energy from one reaction to another in all living cells.

This increases the energy available to cells so they take in nutrients and get rid of waste products. Aside from low level laser therapy,

the MedilHair also gives LEDT or Light Emitting Diode Therapy which involves the application of non coherent low power monochromatic light to injured lesions to stimulate self-healing by the human body.

Hair plugs Transplants in Turkey

LEDT is famously known in promoting wound healing and human tissue growth.

Hair transplants are fast becoming a famous pick among hair restoration solutions for both men and women who have been extensively affected by hair loss.

Men may act as if losing hair is just a minor problem, but deep inside them, it is a major devastation and an utterly difficult matter to accept and deal with.

This condition can imminently lead to anxiety, social discomforts, frustration and depression.

Most people with hair loss are being separated in the society as different and diseased.

It is absolutely not a petty thing. You may see some people sport wigs on their head or even face the public with a bald head but to others this is totally uncomfortable and that having a full head of hair is definitely part of their personality.

Transplantation of the hair is a surgical procedure designed for hair loss sufferers who have hair transplant lost a great amount of hair.

Men are the favorite target of this type of surgery, although there are also some women who go to hair care clinics to get hairs transplanted on their head, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

More and more people perceive this surgery as the only relevant way to cure baldness. Hair transplants are only executed by qualified and proficient surgeons.

The most common type of hair loss in women is androgenic alopecia which is also known as female pattern hair loss.

The word alopecia means baldness, but just as in most men, it doesn’t have to be complete loss of the hair.

Women’s hair loss is generally seen as diffuse thinning of the hair predominantly at the top or crown area of the head.

This certain type of hair loss afflicts approximately one-third of all genetically susceptible women.

Normal shedding of the hair is 80 to 100 hair shafts per day.

In female pattern hair loss, when the affected hair is shed, the root still thrives to grow one in its place which is a lot shorter and lifeless.

Overtime, this hair becomes invisible “peach fuzz”.

Experts say that hair loss can come from either parent’s side of the family.

Medilhair also provides an all natural topical solution which is specially made to stop the main culprit of hair loss-DHT and is clinically

proven to stimulate hair regrowth significantly for both men and women of every age.

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